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Study: the likely voter model in that poll you’re reading about is probably garbage

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Polls are more accurate when they verify that their respondents are actually registered and have voted before.
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Republicans have convinced Republicans that they suck

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The Republican Party is having a bad year, and they’ve brought it on themselves.
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Pew: LGB Americans much less religious than heterosexuals

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Persecuting a group of people for centuries makes them less likely to share your values or beliefs. Go figure.
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Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s gaystapo is making everyone say they’re atheist

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Clearly the only explanation for why fewer Americans identify as Christian.
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Pew: Christian share of America declining sharply, “unaffiliated” is fastest-growing group

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America is more religiously diverse than ever.
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Why didn’t people vote this year?

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They say they didn’t have the time. We need to make it easier to vote.

Only 8% of Republicans say contraceptive use is “morally unacceptable”

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PEW found Republicans and Democrats both oppose adultery, while GOP opposed being gay by only a slight majority.
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Fewer than half of Republicans believe in evolution, and the number is shrinking

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Republicans are actually devolving on evolution.

Poll: NSA leak served public interest, but prosecute Snowden anyway

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Young people are the only age group to oppose prosecution, with 44% in favor, 50% opposed.
Public blames Republicans if fiscal cliff talks fail

If “fiscal cliff” talks fail, public blames GOP 53%, Obama 29%

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Men, Independents, and even Southerners are more likely to blame GOP if talks fail.
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