So I got trapped in the bathroom by my nephew’s demon-cat

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It’s been a fun 24 hours at the Aravosis zoo.

Dog and bird roll around together playing in the yard (video)

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Definitely one of the stranger videos. The dog is definitely playing. No idea what the bird is doing.

Scaredy cat (video)

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Mama cat decides to jump up on windowsill, misses, scares kittens to death. It’s really quite adorable.

Local ABC reporter, unable to find people to talk about water rate hike, interviews cat (video)

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REPORTER: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop attacking my mic.
Puppy via Shutterestock.

Stop giving your pet food from China, unless you don’t mind them dying

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New warning from FDA highlights 100s of deaths of dogs, cats from jerky made in China – products are unlabeled.

Sad Cat Diary (funny video)

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“Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell.”

Russian cat seriously addicted to the vacuum (video)

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This vacuum is cat-crack. (And this post is open-thread crack.)

Our Chris Andoe, on the death of his dog Sophie

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“We’d make our end of life decision when she no longer enjoyed the things she loved, that day was yesterday.

Australian dog helps Australian man propose marriage (video)

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“Whatever you do, don’t eat the box.”
Baby pig seriously enjoying a belly rub (video)

Baby pig seriously enjoying a belly rub (video)

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After the baby penguin fiasco, I’m somewhat tentative on this one…
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