Teddy the porcupine, or Cousin It? (video)

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I had no idea you could even attempt to keep porcupines as pets. And the noise they make? Oh my god!

The Deer Whisperer (video)

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Wild fawn nuzzles up to lady in forest. Adorableness ensues.

Wild squirrel drops by to play with cat it grew up with (video)

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This squirrel apparently used to live with the cat as another pet in this woman’s home. It’s amazing to watch.

A life-changing experience with a baby sea lion

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Video of the day a sea lion pup climbed on to a boat and into a man’s lap so it could be pet for an hour.

Sasha my dog vs the ice cube (video)

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The harrowing tale of a small dog, an ice cube, and epic misunderstandings.
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