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DOD using same Blue Coat Internet censor as Syria, Saudi Arabia and likely Burma

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Blue Coat technology is blocking US troops from reading gay and progressive news Web sites and blogs.
Pentagon Press Secretary George Little

DOD to investigate complaints that gay blogs, news sites are censored on Pentagon computers

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DOD acknowledged tonight that “some sites may have unnecessarily been blocked.” And they’re looking into it.

DOD says it’s banning gay blogs for national security reasons – doesn’t ban FRC’s blog, Red State

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Funny that reading AMERICAblog, PHB, Towleroad, HRC’s blog risks national security. But FRC’s blog is fine.

DOD anti-“LGBT” Web filter category also bans gay anti-bullying, suicide prevention sites

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Why is the Pentagon using Internet filtering software that is clearly discriminatory to gay and trans people?

Pentagon bans even more sites for being “gay”; anti-gay “hate group” okay

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The Pentagon’s war against gay news sites continues as more gay blogs are banned for being “LGBT.”

Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

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I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”

Taxpayers to pay $3.5m to Lockheed ex–CEO fired before taking job

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Lifestyles of the .001% — Pentagon’s largest contractor Lockheed gives golden parachute to fired executive
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