Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, via Wikimedia Commons

Four GOP governors announce that they will refuse Syrian refugees for no good reason

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This is the opposite of helpful.
Computer via Shutterstock

Pennsylvania launches online voter registration, becoming 23rd state to do so

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It’s about time. There’s no good reason for online voter registration to not be a thing nationwide.
President Obama and John Boehner schmoozing, via Wikimedia Commons

Not schmoozing enough probably isn’t what’s held up Obama’s agenda

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Being friends with Boehner wouldn’t help Obama pass any more bills.
Anti-voter ID protest, via Creative Common

Same-day voter registration introduced in Pennsylvania legislature

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There is no argument against same-day registration that isn’t transparently partisan.
Pat Toomey, via Creative Commons

What’s going on in Pennsylvania?

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How is far-right Senator Pat Toomey leading — by a lot — in early reelection polls?
Family celebrates marriage equality victory in Michigan.

Gay marriage mania, and more to come

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There are currently at least 70 court cases challenging gay marriage bans across the country.
Rick Santorum via Shutterstock (Christopher Halloran /

Gay marriage legalized in Pennsylvania by Santorum’s judge!

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Federal judge strikes down state’s DOMA law, wedding licenses already being granted to gay couples!
The plaintiffs in Pennslyvania, along with their families.

Penna. court may legalize gay marriage today

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A federal judge in Pennsylvania will issue a ruling today on whether the state gay marriage ban is constitutional.

Woman has diabetic attack while driving, other drivers laugh (video)

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YouTube commenters, of course, found the woman’s predicament hilarious, even after they found out she was sick.
Protesters outside the Supreme Court, and across from the US Congress, for the oral arguments on the gay rights cases involving DOMA and Proposition 8 in March, 2013. © John Aravosis 2013

PA county conducts gay marriage, says state ban invalid post-DOMA

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County officials say the Supreme Court striking down DOMA gives them the authority to conduct gay marriages.
PA machine won't let vote for Obama

2nd Pennsylvania voting machine won’t let people vote for Obama

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Mysteriously, it wasn’t removed from action until several people’s votes were miscast.
A second example of a voting machine not permitting a vote for Obama.

Video: PA voting machine, push “Obama,” get “Romney”

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And the poll watcher, of course, wasn’t concerned.
NYT reporter Michael Barbaro.

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

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“We’ve got to get out! My daughter is frostbitten,” begs mom. Staffer replies: “It’s not cold enough for that.”
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