VA cops to photograph 17 y.o.’s erection after he sexted his girlfriend

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The cops are charging the 17 y.o. with two felony counts of child pornography for videotaping his own penis.
Humpty Dumpty via Shutterstock.

Georgia man accidentally shoots self in penis

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At least he knows he’s free.

Fox News’ wardrobe malfunction

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Fox News Denver flashed a Twitter photo of a penis on the screen during its coverage of a helicopter disaster.

Pastor denies new church intended to look like giant penis from space

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Christian Scientists deny new church in Dixon, Illinois was built to resemble penis when viewed from Google Maps.

CNBC and the ambling penis (video)

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I wish I could say it was the first time CNBC gave air time to a dick.

Republicans up in arms over duck sex

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GOP is upset that NSF is funding duck penis research, but their real target is science and truth.
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