Paul Ryan isn’t conservative enough to be Speaker

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It’s going to be nearly impossible to find a Republican who can secure 218 Republican votes to become Speaker.

Paul Ryan: ‘Climate Change occurs no matter what’ (and government is not going to pay for it)

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The climate deniers are admitting the climate is changing. Now they’re denying responsibility for the cost.

Six ways of looking at infrastructure: “It’s their world. We just serve them in it.”

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Six shapshots: Why we can’t have nice things, like infrastructure.

Koch Bros. are engineering a “merger & acquisition” of the Republican party

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The Koch brothers spent $400 million in 2012. Now they’re upping the ante. Read how.

XXX fan fiction about Paul Ryan’s and Aaron Schock’s gay love affair

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Oh. My. God.

Donating to the DCCC means helping Dems who vote like Republicans

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The DCCC elects corporate Dems, doesn’t support progressives, and protects Republicans. Why donate a dime?

Even Fox News doesn’t buy Paul Ryan’s budget (video)

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You know the Republican budget is nuts when it doesn’t even pass the laugh test on Fox.
Jon Stewart Paul Ryan

Jon Stewart: Obama’s inaugural speech took a swipe at Paul Ryan

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President Obama’s comment about us not being a “nation of takers” was a slap at Paul Ryan.
Mitt Romney concedes

Mitt Romney’s concession speech (video)

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Mitt Romney’s concession speech in the 2012 presidential election.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to vote Republican

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Paul Ryan closes by letting racist, white Americans know that Obama is black, foreign, and not very Christian.

Ryan camp leaks post-election plans that don’t involve being VP

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Sure sign Team Ryan fears they’re going to lose on Tuesday.

Romney campaign slows down hurricane relief for Ryan photo opp

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The Romney campaign stopped boxing donations for Hurricane victims so Paul Ryan could get his picture taken.

Romney/Ryan voters try to destroy “photo op” soup kitchen – Dems stop them

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GOP donors tried to destroy a soup kitchen where Paul Ryan held an infamous photo opp. Dems have saved them.
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