It’s time for my annual medical tourism trip to Europe

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It’s that time again. When I act like I’m from a small village in a developing country and fly to western Europe in order to buy my asthma drugs that are 5x cheaper in France ...

Thousands of right-wingers march in Paris, yelling “Jews, get out of France!”

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France’s Republican party, the UMP, and the country’s religious right, have opened a Pandora’s box of intolerance.

The Last Selfie (a neat 3 minute short movie)

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Imagine a world where the technology finally shuts off, and you’re forced to actually live.
Vitaly Milonov, the author of St. Petersburg, Russia's anti-gay "propaganda" ban, is apparently a tiny bit crazy

Russian propaganda ban author’s anti-gay tirade: Gays rape kids, commit all hate crimes

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In crazy interview with French TV, gay “propaganda” ban author says gays are pedophiles, commit all hate crimes.
Video: Piranha jaws in action

Various stories I didn’t get to, but you ought to check out (open thread-y)

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From testicle-eating piranhas in the Seine, to the cancellation of True Blood, and the danger of e-cigs.

A visit to the Musée d’Orsay, St. Germain and St. Sulpice (photo essay)

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A photo visit to my favorite museum in Paris, a 1500 y.o. church, and a place from the Da Vinci Code.

Today’s black and white photo tour of Paris

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A quick look at city hall, the Pompidou Center, and Montparnasse.

A rare afternoon open thread

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A quick visit to the Bee House at the Jardin du Luxembourg while I grab some dinner.

A stroll through Paris’ gorgeous Jardin du Luxembourg (photo essay)

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A photo-walk through of Paris’ delightful Jardin du Luxembourg, built by Marie de Medicis in 1611.

Keith Haring exhibit in Paris (photo essay)

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The exhibit was rather huge, and devoted to looking at Haring’s politics and its influence on his art.
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