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The Bundy insurrection isn’t an “occupation,” it’s terrorism

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Armed anti-government activists have taken over a federal building in Oregon, and published goodbye videos.
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Nestlé’s plan to bottle water in Oregon just hit a major snag

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Native American tribes and other local residents are doing what they can to block Nestlé’s plan.
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House Democrats introduce automatic voter registration

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Modeled after bills in Oregon and Illinois, the bill would use the DMV to automatically update voter registration.
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Illinois bill would enact automatic voter registration via the DMV

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An unobjectionably good idea that is likely to get vetoed by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.
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Nestle is closing in on privatized water in Oregon

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The company will make over 99% profit on the water it extracts from one rural community.
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Automatic voter registration in Oregon isn’t enough

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Registration is great, but we should really be focused on increasing actual participation.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 2, 2013: White Hummer H2 limousine at the city street. Art Konovalov /

Put the brakes on the per-mile vehicle tax

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Some states are considering charging a per mile instead of per gallon tax. A decidedly unprogressive idea.
Family celebrates marriage equality victory in Michigan.

Gay marriage mania, and more to come

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There are currently at least 70 court cases challenging gay marriage bans across the country.

Oregon becomes 18th state to legalize gay marriage, weddings already begun

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“We can see in these plaintiffs nothing more or less than our own families.”

When a cop slaps a child is it an outrage, or just Outrage, Inc? (video)

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Onlookers are horrified when a cop slaps a child. Then you learn the rest of the story…

Oregon Insurers vying to lower premiums because of Obamacare

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Health insurance companies in Oregon are trying to lower their premiums, in order to compete with each other.
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