Pad 39a flame trench, via NASA. Unicorns via Shutterstock.

Science Sunday Roundup and Open Thread

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Lots of fun NASA news this week, along with clever chimps and stone babies.

Four guys, one piano – an early Christmas treat (video)

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You won’t believe the music these four gentlemen produce using nothing but a single piano.

Captain Caaavemaaan Open Thread

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From cave men to rockets… wait, didn’t Kubrick and Clarke write something along those lines?
Zombie Mitt Romney

Maybe we should compromise! (a video for our GOP friends)

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Jonathan Coulton’s song about compromise… which reminded me a whole lot of today’s GOP.
The error message I got several times today after fruitlessly trying to log in to and see what insurance options will be available for me starting next year.

Mental health break: Lots of fun stories, and an open thread

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After a week of heavy and almost unrelentingly negative news, I think we could all use a break.

Science, art and other neat stuff (and an open thread)

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iOS 7 is making people sick, killer hornets in China, water on Mars, humanoid robots and much more: Open thread

The day in 1961 that America almost nuked itself

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Dinosaur feathers, spaceship sim games…and the day in 1961 America nearly nuked itself.
Flooding in Rio Rancho, NM (

From NM floods to needed lighter news: Open Thread

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It’s been a rough week in NM, CO and the surrounding states, so here’s an open thread with some lighter news.

Happy 47th birthday Star Trek: An open thread

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Star Trek’s first episode was broadcast on Sept. 8, 1966 — and other random stuff from around the web.

News… in… space… (and an open thread)

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A collection of space news-related posts and trivia – and an open thread.
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