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Younger generations aren’t silent

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One subreddit’s insights into the economic angers and frustrations of today’s youth.

Senator Gillibrand pushes for comprehensive online voter registration

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File this one under “How is this not already a thing?”

This is what a massive online privacy violation looks like

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2nd gay smartphone app “Jack’d” reveals exact location of gay men worldwide, including 282 in Iran.

Social media survey: Dems, women face most online harassment

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A new poll shows that Democrats, and women, report being harassed more on social media than GOP ers or men.

NY Public Library puts 20,000 high-res historical maps online for free

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Many date from the 1600s. I spent two hours going through them – utter joy.

NSA spied on World of Warcraft, Second Life

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Stephen Colbert weighs in on the news that the NSA spied on World of Warcraft and Second Life to find terrorists.
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When “saying it first” becomes more important than “getting it right”

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A discussion of the perils of online journalism.
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Chicago Sun-Times fires photographers, gives reporters iPhone camera training

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A new era in new media is dawning, with some trepidation.
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We deserve to know which companies track & sell our location and sexual orientation

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Under proposed California “Right to Know” law, companies would have to divulge that info and more.
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Study shows people are more honest online, less so on the phone

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The study showed that while in-person communication is unreliable, telephone communication is even less so.

We don’t need Facebook to violate our privacy; we do it to ourselves

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People are making their health, phone numbers & finances available to employers, insurers, IRS, and criminals.
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