Chris Christie, via L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock

New Jersey Democrats spurn Christie, push slate of voting rights expansions

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Senator Cory Booker recently called New Jersey’s voter registration system an “absurdity.”
College cost, via Shutterstock

It’s time to make college free

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Guaranteeing tuition for every college student is necessary. And we can afford it.

Phelps clan run out of Moore, Oklahoma for saying God intentionally sent tornado that killed 9 kids

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Westboro Baptist says America has been too pro-gay, so they protested the school that lost 9 kids last year.
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma joins other backwards southern states in dissing gay military members

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Oklahoma is refusing to process benefits for the spouses of gay military members. How petty can Republicans get?

3 Oklahoma teens allegedly kill Aussie baseball player “for the fun of it”

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America has not only a gun problem, it has a cultural problem too.

How they created the tornado in the Wizard of Oz (video)

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And a neat video of them testing the tornado that they would use in the Wizard of Oz. Amazing for 1938.

Wolf Blitzer asks atheist Oklahoma tornado survivor “if she thanks the Lord”

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Blitzer: “You gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you thank the Lord?” Woman: “I, I… I’m actually an atheist.”

Video of the birth of the Oklahoma tornado

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A reader found a video that appears to show the birth of the monster tornado that ravaged Oklahoma.

Anti-Sandy-relief GOP Oklahoma Senator: Aid for my state is “totally different” than Sandy

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Sure it is. Because New Yorkers don’t vote in Oklahoma.

Heartwarming videos of parents reuniting with kids at Oklahoma school destroyed by tornado

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Briarwood Elementary was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornadoes. Parents are still trying to find their kids.

OMG Oklahoma tornado victim interviewed about losing her dog in rubble, when she spots her dog

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A remarkable, feel-good story in the midst of so much disaster. This is a must-see.

Oklah. GOP Senator takes own constituents hostage, demands budget cuts or no tornado aid

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Sen. Tom Coburn is using his own Oklahoma constituents as budget-cutting human shields.
Wichita, KS tornado.

Horrific videos, images of Oklahoma, Kansas tornadoes

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Some astounding videos and images of the multiple tornadoes that hit Oklahoma and Kansas in the past 24 hours.
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