Mad Max, via Wikimedia Commons

Mad Max’s reboot: Feminism and environmentalism as told through explosions

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The dystopian action franchise rights the wrongs of its previous films.
Oil drilling

Low oil prices might be decreasing demand for oil

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Lower oil prices aren’t necessarily leading to higher demand for oil. Demand is actually still down.

Are you or your loved ones in the Oil Train Blast Zone?

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Oil train traffic has increased by more than 4,000 percent in the past five years. How spill-ready are you?
Climate via Shutterstock

Obama loosens 4-decade ban on crude oil exports

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Obama opening the door to selling even more oil overseas? Yep.

Five reasons Elizabeth Warren might run in 2016

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Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not a candidate in 2016. Here are five reasons she could change her mind.
Your grandchildren's East Coast of the United States

Chomsky on the intersection between climate, deep state, and rule by the rich

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Obama: “America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.” So you’re the climate perp.

10% of Chinese cooking oil made from sewer sludge (video)

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“In our current society, everyone tries to swindle everybody else.” Guess where American chicken now comes from?
Glynnis Jones /

Texas towns run out of water due to fracking

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Put simply, there are towns in Texas where you turn on the tap, and nothing comes out for days. Why? Fracking.
David Letterman

David Letterman’s awesome rant against fracking (video)

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“They’re poisoning our drinking water and the EPA said, ‘you no longer have to comply with EPA standards.’ “

A Primer – What’s in a “Tar Sands” Pipeline?

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So when they talk of a “tar sand” pipeline accident, it’s not an oil spill – it’s more of an arsenic spill.
Duck covered in oil.

British Columbia rejects tar sands pipeline proposal that suggests “doing nothing” after oil spill

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The oil pipeline proposal says that “doing nothing is a possible response to a spill.”
Van Jones: He should call it the “Obama Tar Sands Pipeline” & stand there for ribbon-cutting

Van Jones: He should call it the “Obama Tar Sands Pipeline” & stand there for ribbon-cutting

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A foreign corp is taking Canadian tar across our farmland to sell it to China. That’s what the pipeline does.

House vote today to take Keystone Pipeline decision out of Obama’s hands

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The Keystone Pipeline game could be over before our side even takes the field.
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