New site tackles Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal

Facebook Tweet Reddit is a new Web site I’ve set up as a one-stop shop for information about the Representative Jim Jordan Ohio State sexual abuse scandal. This week, Jim Jordan hired ...

9th Accuser: I told GOP Rep Jordan about sexual abuse, Jordan laughed & refused to help

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A ninth former college wrestler has stepped forward to accuse GOP Rep Jim Jordan of knowing, and doing nothing, about the serial sexual assault of college wrestlers under his purview ...

Jim Jordan sexual abuse scandal timeline; a record of the accusers to date

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Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has been accused of knowing of, and doing nothing about, the serial sexual abuse of college wrestlers under his purview, by their team doctor Richard Strauss, ...

Lead Jim Jordan defender contradicts self on tape

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CNN reports that a number of former Ohio State coaches, including former head coach Russ Hellickson, have come to the defense of embattled GOP Rep. Jim Jordan — who is facing ...

7th college wrestler: Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse

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“Jim Jordan definitely knew that these things were happening — yes, most definitely.” A seventh former college wrestler at Ohio State, who attended the school while GOP ...

BREAKING: GOP Rep Jim Jordan flip-flops on sexual assault claims. Admit may have heard something.

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UPDATE: On reviewing the Fox reporting again, it seems that after Jordan appeared to suggest that he had heard of abuse in the locker room — even Bret Baier seems to have interpreted ...

GOP Rep Jordan: Teen sex scandal is deep-state plot concocted by Rosenstein

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Embattled GOP Representative Jim Jordan, who is accused by numerous former college wrestlers of ignoring their complaints of sexual abuse at the hands of the team doctor while Jordan ...

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan ignored college-boy abuse, victims say

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Jim Jordan, a conservative Republican in the US House who’s been talked about as a potential future House Speaker, is facing accusations that he looked the other way while as ...

Ohio State marching band creates giant moonwalking Michael Jackson (video)

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Ohio State is known for doing freakingly awesome moves that you just can’t believe they pulled off.
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