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Ohio court rules that 17 year-olds who will be 18 by Election Day can vote in next week’s primary

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Secretary of State John Husted’s absurdly technical argument for keeping them from participating was discarded.
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Sanders campaign sues Ohio over decision to bar 17 year-olds from presidential primary

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They’ve got less than a week to make their case.
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Ohio bars 17 y.o.’s who will be 18 in November from voting in next week’s primary

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17 year-olds who will be 18 in November have been voting in Ohio’s presidential primaries since 1981.
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Ohio attorney general rejects automatic voter registration petition on absurd technicality

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With no good arguments at his disposal, he came up with a bad one.
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John Kasich, asked how he’d handle Flint water crisis, ignores current crisis in his own state

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Of all of the misdirection at last night’s debate, this was the most callous and self-serving.
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Ohio threatened with lawsuit over voter purge

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You don’t have your voting rights on a “use them or lose them” basis.
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Ohio Secretary of State Husted plans to treat Donald Trump unfairly

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Looks like the GOP doesn’t plan on treating Trump “fairly.”
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Ohio is conducting a massive purge of its voter rolls, and it doesn’t have to

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There’s a better way.
Nina Turner

Bernie Sanders earns Nina Turner’s endorsement in Ohio

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Normally, individual endorsements don’t matter that much. This one does.
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Cross-pressured voting and the failure of Ohio’s marijuana oligopoly

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If anything, liberals defeated Issue 3, not the other way around.
President Obama votes for himself in 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

Big wins for democracy in Seattle, Maine and Ohio ballot initiatives

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Losing on HERO stings, but these wins are our silver lining.
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Obama administration reverts Mount McKinley to original name, Ohio Republicans freak out

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Combining the pettiness of Ohio state pride with the pettiness of Republican hatred of Obama.
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Monopolistic marijuana legalization to appear on Ohio ballot this year, not next year

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The referendum would legalize possession and smoking, but limit most growing rights to the campaign’s financiers.
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