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Obama administration reverts Mount McKinley to original name, Ohio Republicans freak out

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Combining the pettiness of Ohio state pride with the pettiness of Republican hatred of Obama.
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Monopolistic marijuana legalization to appear on Ohio ballot this year, not next year

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The referendum would legalize possession and smoking, but limit most growing rights to the campaign’s financiers.
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Republicans are trying to legally rig elections: Ohio poll tax edition

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Constitution-waving, anti-tax Republicans in Ohio want to violate the 24th Amendment with a poll tax.
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As Kasich plots “moderate” run, Ohio’s budget gets extreme

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Talking nice doesn’t make you a moderate if your policies hurt working families.
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What’s going on in Pennsylvania?

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How is far-right Senator Pat Toomey leading — by a lot — in early reelection polls?
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Republicans are trying to legally rig elections: Ohio Edition

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By now, Americans no strangers to the variety of inventive and ill-conceived ways that Republican state legislators have found to build barriers to the ballot box. AMERICAblog readers ...
Cowboy Kasich

John Kasich’s greatest hits

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On Sunday morning, John Kasich went on CNN’s State of the Union to talk about his cross-country “crusade” for a balanced budget, a move that has been widely interpreted as a ...

Federal judge orders Ohio to recognize marriage of dying gay man

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We’re beginning to see the nationwide repercussions from the Supreme Court striking down DOMA.
These are the actual 5 kittens the police officer shot (courtesy of KSDK)

“My 6 y.o. was crying, ‘Mommy, mommy, he shot the kitty’ “

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SPCA calls for kitten-killing Ohio cop to be fired and charged with cruelty to animals for shooting 5 kittens.
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Ohio cop shoots 5 kittens dead, with kids listening, to “euthanize them”

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Mother calls to alert city that there are wild kittens living outside her house, so cop shows up & shoots them.
vote fraud

Judge slams Ohio GOP Sec. State for vote suppression

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“The Secretary’s eleventh hour Directive… disenfranchises… Ohio voters and violates state law.”

Andy Cobb’s hysterical election coverage from Ohio (video)

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Andy finds multi-hour lines to vote in black neighborhoods and no lines at all in white ones. Imagine that!
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Obama leads Ohio in 7 polls released in past 48 hours

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PPP also says Obama is ahead by 8 in Michigan, Mitt Romney’s ancestral home (if you don’t count Mexico).
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