The violence of the State & the crime of peaceful protest

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So much of our analysis of the State ignores its violence. Chris Hedges has more.

NH legislator introduces bill to stop small-town police from buying tanks

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Why are police departments buying assault vehicles and equipment, all standardized? A marine.

Woman tased at DOJ for peacefully protesting foreclosures (video)

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A brutal video of a woman simply linking arms, peacefully, with fellow protesters – and they zap her.
Freeway Blogger — Permafrost

Freeway blogging: How to make nicely lettered signs in under 6 minutes

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Are you an activist? Want to make some noise? (Psst: Want to make some noise in DC?) Consider freeway blogging.

Occupy Starbucks?

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A number of US-based multinationals, like Starbucks, are paying almost no taxes abroad.
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