The time Joan Rivers took on the heckler

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Joan made a Helen Keller joke. The man in the audience had a deaf son, and wasn’t amused. Neither was Joan.

Joan Rivers has died – here are a few classic videos

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I’ve got one video from 1967, when Joan went on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s amazing to see her that young.

Robin Williams just died

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It was an apparent suicide.

Alice from the “Brady Bunch” has died at 88

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This getting-older thing stinks.

Maya Angelou has died

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Dancer, singer, journalist, actor, writer, director, professor, activist, poet, mother, Grammy winner, American.
Fred Phelps in cowboy hat, from Godhatesf*

BREAKING: Fred “God hates f*gs” Phelps is dead

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Phelps showed the US that anti-gay hate is real. IMHO, America is about to lose its most effective gay advocate

Comedian David Brenner died

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I’ve got the video of David Brenner’s “Tonight Show” debut in 1971.

“Ghostbusters” actor Harold Ramis dies at 69

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Ramis was known for “Stripes,” “Ghostbusters,” “Groundhog Day,” “Animal House,” “Caddyshack” and “Analyze This.”

Oldest known Holocaust surivor dies in London at the age of 110

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“Only when we are so old – only – we are aware of the beauty of life.”

Partridge’s Reuben Kincaid, and one of last 2 Munchkins, died today

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Dave Madden was 82, Ruth Robinson Duccini was 95. Today we also lost “the professor” from Gilligan’s Island.
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