"Now watch this drive."

Dick “greeted as liberators” Cheney schools Obama on Iraq

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Cheney published an op ed chastising Obama for losing Iraq. Because, you know, it was going so well before.

Congrats — Yous gays seriously ticked off Putin

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Russian President Putin just banned Obama’s gay donors from entering Russia (as if they’d want to).
Papa don't preach.  Ted Cruz's nutty father Rafael Cruz, who makes Ted look like a moderate, is his son's closest political confidant.

Ted Cruz’s dad won’t “prostitute” himself by using the word “gay” (video)

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Rafael Cruz is son Ted’s closest adviser: “We’re supposed to prostitute our principles on behalf of tolerance.”

Obamacare truthers: Woman faked faint at Obama event today

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Karmel Allison nearly fainted during Obama’s press event about the Web site glitches, the right cries foul.

“Do you think Obama’s a crypto-Muslim?”

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Pat Robertson and guest fret over our Islamic president. And they link Occupy Wall Street to radical Islam too.
RNC chair Reince Priebus:
Some say dark elf, I say Romulan.

GOP Chairman Priebus suggests impeachment is coming over Benghazi

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National Journal reports that GOP party chair Priebus suggested today that impeachment is coming over Benghazi.

GOP Senator worries Obama will create Hitler

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Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) warns that Obama’s “lack” of foreign policy will create another HItler.

Steven Spielberg’s “Obama” starring Daniel Day Lewis (spoof)

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Spielberg created a spoof on “Lincoln,” for the Correspondents Dinner. With Tracy Morgan as Joe Biden.
Israeli flag

Why do GOP presidents hate Israel?

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Republicans always say they love Israel more than Dems, then why do R presidents never visit Israel, and Ds do?
Upside down US flag, via Shutterstock.

Majority of Republicans want to impeach Obama because they hate America

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In multiple polls, more than 50% of Republicans want to impeach President Obama because they hate our democracy.
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