NYC is like a huge movie theater with ridiculously expensive candy

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I thought DC was expensive, what with our $4 gallons of milk. In NYC, I’m paying $5.50!
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Anti-vaccine mom says “the devil” causes disease

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An update on anti-vaccine “truthers” who falsely claim that vaccines cause more harm than good.

“Rat on the train!” NYC subway car terrorized by rat (funny video)

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“Someone getting off the train was screaming ‘RAT on the train!’ By the time everyone realized, the doors closed.”

Incredibly cool 360º virtual tour of NYC

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It`s zoomable, rotatable, and beautiful.

Jon Stewart on why Chicago pizza is not better than NY pizza

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And of course, he’s wrong.
Queer Nation protester lecturing audience and panelists at the Princeton Club invest-in-Moscow seminar.

Gay protesters interrupt Princeton Club “invest in Moscow” meeting (video)

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Homophobic Princeton club member: “Gay culture should not be promoted because it will destroy the population.”

NYC photographer grabs strangers off street to shoot in intimate poses (video)

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People come away from the shoot really happy, contented, feeling as if they in fact shared a tender moment.

NYC bartender sings amazing impromptu cover of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead

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“We were at a piano bar as it was closing down and the bartender stepped up to the mic and did this.”

Stephen Colbert on the two kittens that shut down the NYC subway (video)

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Am I wrong, or would every sane person have shut down the subway rather than run over the kittens?

Undercity: A beautiful documentary shot undernearth NYC

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A guy and his friend go through the underbelly of the NYC subway, through its tunnels, and more.

AP’s “vodka cam” records NYC gay protest against Russian vodka (video)

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A ground’s-eye view of the vodka-dumping at NYC’s protest at the Russian consulate.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

Just say NYET: Gays dump vodka outside Russian NYC consulate

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“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re drinking only beer!”
Meningitis via Shutterestock

Meningitis shots for all 1 million people attending NYC Gay Pride?

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NYC health official says Pride-goers may want to get vaccinated against a deadly strain of meningitis.
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