Steve Wiles, drag queen (artist rendition)

You know gays have won when a drag queen runs for office as a Republican

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Steve Wiles (aka Miss Mona Sinclair) says he’s learned a lot of lessons “the hard way.” I bet you have, gurl.
Voting rights activist, Madison Kimrey, is 12 years old.

12 y.o. gives rocking voting-rights speech (seriously)

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Madison Kimrey formed her own voting rights organization in response to a new law from the GOP NC legislature.

North Carolina GOP will ban Sharia law by enacting it

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GOP is tacking anti-abortion fundamentalist religious extremism onto a bill to ban religious extremism.
Poll tax via Wikipedia.

NC GOP pushing poll tax to stop Dem-leaning college kids from voting

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We’ve finally found the one tax Republicans actually like: the poll tax.

NC cop causes accident, on purpose, drives away – caught on film

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The local news reports that the officer wasn’t ticketed for causing the accident on purpose, or for leaving.
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