Religion and LGBT equality, via Wikimedia Commons

Why is employment discrimination a “religious freedom” issue?

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Why does religion engender sympathy for what would, in a secular context, be considered odious?
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There is no zero-sum competition between LGBT rights and religious freedom

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The “gay rights vs. religious freedom” juxtaposition is misdirected and harmful.
Houston, via Wikimedia Commons

Houston votes against equal rights

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The campaign should be instructive for what the LGBT community will face in future battles.
Chris Kluwe by Joe Bielawa.

Chris Kluwe destroys Houston Texans owner over anti-HERO donation

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Yet another masterful takedown from gay America’s favorite straight guy.
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Anti-gay employment discrimination case headed to federal court

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The EEOC ruled this summer that anti-gay hiring discrimination is already illegal. Will higher courts agree?
Rand Paul, via Wikimedia Commons

Rand Paul retreats to states’ rights on LGBT hiring discrimination

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He knows he’s on the wrong side of the issue, but he doesn’t want to reverse himself completely.
Church and State, via Shutterstock

130 religious and secular organizations call for Obama to reverse Bush memo allowing religious groups to discriminate

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The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was never intended to grant sweeping licenses to discriminate.
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Gay rights may come at the cost of religious freedom…if you redefine religious freedom

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Religious worries over religious liberty are really just Christian worries over their receding hegemony.
Rainbow flag, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats to push sweeping LGBT rights bill this week

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The Equality Act would grant anti-discrimination protections to the LGBT community across seven categories.
Jeb Bush, original photo via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Jeb Bush is in favor of anti-discrimination laws, as long as he doesn’t have to sign them

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LGBT equality hasn’t been, isn’t and never will be a “states’ rights” issue.
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Workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation already illegal, per EEOC ruling

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The ruling currently only applies to federal workers, but that could soon change.
Ukraine rainbow via Shutterstock

EU dumps gays, says Ukraine can have visa-free travel without “non-negotiable” LGBT non-discrim guarantee

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Ukraine and the EU have conspired to undermine the human rights of gay and trans Ukrainians.
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