A sign warns visitors that area is a Ebola infected. Signage informing visitors that it is a ebola infected area. September 27, 2013, Congo, Africa. Sergey Uryadnikov / Shutterstock.com

Ebola Update: Situation worsens in Africa, untested drug out of stock

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ZMapp, a monoclonal antibody drug, is currently untested in humans. It’s also out of stock for months to come.
Nigerian flag via Shutterstock

Ebola update: 2 American patients receiving experimental drug

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The Nigerian Ministry of Health announced that they are awaiting confirmation of another case of Ebola there. This new case is one of the doctors who treated Patrick Sawyer. Sawyer ...
Ebola virus, courtesy of the CDC.

Latest Ebola update from doctors on the ground in west Africa

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I’ve been following some first-hand reports from doctors on-the-ground in Liberia, who are trying to help contain the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, and the reports are somewhat ...
Young villagers carrying grain near Obudu Cattle Ranch close to the border or Cameroon and Nigeria. Lorimer Images / Shutterstock.com

Nigerian doctors strike as Ebola descends on the region

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With the first suspected case of Ebola hitting Nigeria, the current doctors’ strike couldnt’ be more poorly timed.

(Updated) RJ Eskow: Helping the kidnapped Nigerian school girls

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WeActRadio’s new headline show, “The Zero Hour” with RJ Eskow discusses the 300 kidnapped Nigerian school girls.
A happy group of schoolchildren leave school to work in the fields in the area of Akwa Ibom in the south of Nigeria. Lorimer Images / Shutterstock.com

Nigerian “Taliban” kidnap 300 schoolgirls, threaten to sell them

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Nigeria’s first lady called the kidnappings a hoax and ordered the arrest of those protesting the abductions.

“Why does #GayGestapo never complain about the hateful repression of women by Muslims?”

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Upset about their Mozilla loss, GOPers are now (falsely) claiming that the left ignores women in the Arab world.

Google goes gay for the Olympics, likely breaks Russian anti-gay propaganda law

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Go to Google. She’s gotten a wee bit queer for the Olympics.

How Nigeria’s anti-gay law will turn straight people gay (funny vid)

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Nigerian-British Comedian Ikenna Azuike is a total trip.

Russia, India, Nigeria and Uganda compete in the Sochi Homophobic Olympics

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Jon Stewart walks us through the Olympic homophobia competition between India, Nigeria, Uganda and Russia.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of Nigeria (Credit: World Economic Forum)

Nigerian police round up 100s of gays after everything gay is banned

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A list of 168 suspected gays was obtained through torture one day after country passes draconian gay ban.
Nigerian Christian pilgrim

With religious right’s help, Nigeria trying to ban everything gay

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African country set to pass US religious right-inspired hate bill in ironic effort stop stop western influence.

Nigeria declares state of emergency following bombings

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What a way to start the new year. Al Jazeera: “While the search for lasting solutions is ongoing, it has become imperative to take some decisive measures necessary to restore ...
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