Virginia’s “Redskins Caucus” takes pride in a slur

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3 members of the Virginia General Assembly are rallying for the cause of racism with a “Redskins Pride Caucus.”

Anderson Cooper destroys Amy Kushnir (Dallas TV lady who doesn’t like gays kissing on TV)

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“It’s okay, she was kissing strippers. It’s not like two guys who are in love or anything — that’s offensive.”

Dallas morning-show host storms off set over Michael Sam gay kiss

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“I don’t call it a moment of celebration… it’s being pushed in faces… I don’t want to see cake in your face.”

How to talk to kids about Michael Sam being drafted by the NFL (video)

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SON: Why are they upset? Did he abuse his child? DAD: No, that was Michael Boley…

GOP lobbyist, who has gay brother, drafting bill to ban gays from NFL

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GOP family-values lobbyist Jack Burkman’s phone number was reportedly found in the DC Madam’s records in 2007.

Dallas sportscaster: Wifebeaters are welcome in NFL, but not gays?

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“You beat a woman, and drag her down a flight of stairs… you’re the 4th guy taken in the NFL draft.”
Defensive End Michael Sam lays down a challenge to "manly-man" NFL owners. Are the equal to it?

Will an NFL owner embrace this “Jackie Robinson moment” and draft gay-rookie Michael Sam?

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For Michael Sam to be drafted, some NFL owner will have to enter the “Jackie Robinson” spotlight. Who will it be?

3 reasons why Michael Sam coming out as gay is a huge deal for the NFL

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It’s hard to overstate how big of a deal this is.

NFL bad lip-reading (funny video)

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“I found a girlfriend for the Latin kid.”
Photo by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries, DOD photo.

NFL player Asante Samuel wishes Jason Collins wouldn’t “flaunt” his sexuality

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Bonus clip: Jon Stewart weighs in on Collins’ coming out as well.
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