Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s dig at the NFL, like the rest of his campaign, blames “soft” progressive culture for bare-knuckled capitalism’s problem

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Trump thinks the NFL’s gone soft. In reality, it’s as hard-nosed and capitalist as ever.
Reliant Stadium, gun-friendly home of the Houston Texans, via Wikimedia Commons

National police union asks NFL to remove stadium gun ban over Paris attacks

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The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t a documentary, guys.
Chris Kluwe by Joe Bielawa.

Chris Kluwe destroys Houston Texans owner over anti-HERO donation

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Yet another masterful takedown from gay America’s favorite straight guy.

John Oliver on the NFL’s ongoing domestic abuse scandal (video)

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Oliver’s barbs were directed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who didn’t shine at a recent press conference.

Per the NFL, Ray Rice’s only crime was getting caught on tape

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The NFL isn’t upset that Ray Rice beat his wife unconscious. They’re upset that he got caught.
Baltimore Ravens runningback Ray Rice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in 2012. Photo by 1ravenscowboysnflfan.

A man called Ray Rice

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Why I published a video of Ray Rice beating his fiancée unconscious, and how effective activism actually works.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has to go

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The NFL had video, months ago, of Baltimore Ravens’ star Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée. And they did nothing.
Football via Shutterstock.

Three resources for getting into football this season

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Are you ready for some football? It’s that time again, and here’s how to finally understand the game.

Virginia’s “Redskins Caucus” takes pride in a slur

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3 members of the Virginia General Assembly are rallying for the cause of racism with a “Redskins Pride Caucus.”

Anderson Cooper destroys Amy Kushnir (Dallas TV lady who doesn’t like gays kissing on TV)

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“It’s okay, she was kissing strippers. It’s not like two guys who are in love or anything — that’s offensive.”

Dallas morning-show host storms off set over Michael Sam gay kiss

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“I don’t call it a moment of celebration… it’s being pushed in faces… I don’t want to see cake in your face.”

How to talk to kids about Michael Sam being drafted by the NFL (video)

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SON: Why are they upset? Did he abuse his child? DAD: No, that was Michael Boley…

GOP lobbyist, who has gay brother, drafting bill to ban gays from NFL

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GOP family-values lobbyist Jack Burkman’s phone number was reportedly found in the DC Madam’s records in 2007.
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