GOP lobbyist, who has gay brother, drafting bill to ban gays from NFL

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GOP family-values lobbyist Jack Burkman’s phone number was reportedly found in the DC Madam’s records in 2007.

Dallas sportscaster: Wifebeaters are welcome in NFL, but not gays?

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“You beat a woman, and drag her down a flight of stairs… you’re the 4th guy taken in the NFL draft.”
Defensive End Michael Sam lays down a challenge to "manly-man" NFL owners. Are the equal to it?

Will an NFL owner embrace this “Jackie Robinson moment” and draft gay-rookie Michael Sam?

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For Michael Sam to be drafted, some NFL owner will have to enter the “Jackie Robinson” spotlight. Who will it be?

3 reasons why Michael Sam coming out as gay is a huge deal for the NFL

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It’s hard to overstate how big of a deal this is.

NFL bad lip-reading (funny video)

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“I found a girlfriend for the Latin kid.”
Photo by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries, DOD photo.

NFL player Asante Samuel wishes Jason Collins wouldn’t “flaunt” his sexuality

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Bonus clip: Jon Stewart weighs in on Collins’ coming out as well.
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NFL hopeful says team scout asked him if he “likes girls”

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The NFL continues to have a problem with homophobia, but does it care? Doesn’t look like it.
San Francisco 49ers logo

San Francisco 49ers issue weak statement over Chris Culliver’s call for gays to quit NFL

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49ers don’t apologize in bizarre statement, outline no disciplinary action against Culliver.
SF 49ers' Chris Culliver, via Twitter.

SF NFL player Chris Culliver uses Super Bowl event to tell gays to get out of NFL

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San Francisco 49ers issue lame non-statement that doesn’t even apologize for what Culliver said.
Ravens football via Shutterstock

Ravens football player Brendon Ayanbadejo to use Super Bowl to talk about gay marriage

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Ayanbadejo plans to use the media attention during the buildup to the Super Bowl to talk about gay marriage.
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