“Rat on the train!” NYC subway car terrorized by rat (funny video)

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“Someone getting off the train was screaming ‘RAT on the train!’ By the time everyone realized, the doors closed.”

Incredibly cool 360º virtual tour of NYC

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It`s zoomable, rotatable, and beautiful.
Queer Nation protester lecturing audience and panelists at the Princeton Club invest-in-Moscow seminar.

Gay protesters interrupt Princeton Club “invest in Moscow” meeting (video)

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Homophobic Princeton club member: “Gay culture should not be promoted because it will destroy the population.”

Stephen Colbert on the two kittens that shut down the NYC subway (video)

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Am I wrong, or would every sane person have shut down the subway rather than run over the kittens?

Lewis Black goes off deliciously on Rick Perry’s attacks on NYC

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Lewis Black on NYC: “We love the smell of urine, it smells like freedom!”

Deadly meningitis hits gay men in NYC, mass vaccinations recommended

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This particularly deadly strain kills one in three who are infected, much worse than typical meningitis.
This is New Jersey.

Six Hurricane Sandy deaths in NY, two more reported in NJ

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Six NYC deaths confirmed according to CBS local news.Two more in NJ reported.
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Romney, Ryan use hurricane for campaign event while NYC drowns

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Romney/Ryan will hold campaign events on Tuesday, about the hurricane, even though they promised not to.
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NYC is under water: A collection of shocking photos of the City via Twitter

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Chelsea and southern Manhattan flooded. Tunnels flooded. Subway flooded. And the water is still rising.
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