Meet a few people I saw texting and driving while leaving NYC yesterday

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I don’t mean to go all Grandpa McCain, but I just don’t get it.
Russian billionaire oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who is the second largest shareholder in Megafon, a company that the NY state and city pension fun invests in, and who now controls VK.com.

California divests from Russian companies over neo-Nazi gay abductions

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CalPERS divested $20m from MegaFon & Mail.ru because of their ties to neo-Nazi organizing site VKontakte, VK.com.

NY city & state pension plans linked to Russian anti-gay hate site

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NY pension plans invest nearly $1.5m in affiliate of Russia’s VK.com, which publishes videos of gay abductions.

Jon Stewart on why Chicago pizza is not better than NY pizza

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And of course, he’s wrong.

VA Gov. candidate Cuccinelli suggests opponent McAuliffe is a New York Jew

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Virginia is for Macacas.
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The end of hotel room service? Good riddance.

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The New York Hilton Midtown is going to end room service this August. Is it the beginning of a trend?

Gay meningitis scare hits LA. Advocates blast city’s “indifference” after 4 infections revealed.

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LA cases linked to NYC outbreak, yet city of LA did next to nothing. Community health group irate.
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Privacy & the public interest over Meningitis in the age of AIDS

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In the wake of a deadly meningitis scare among gay men in NYC, how to balance privacy vs. the public interest.
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Should you get vaccinated against a deadly meningitis outbreak?

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33 y.o. gay LA man is brain dead, 21 y.o. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison student died, from meningitis.
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Deadly NYC meningitis warning now expanded beyond city, vaccine recommendation grows

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Previous warning only covered NYC. Now the state Department of Health is warning all gay men to get vaccinated.
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NY’s top court refuses to hear case challenging gay marriage law

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So for now, New York marriages are open to everyone, with no expected impediments, other than Romney.
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Second pro-marriage equality GOPer in NY wins primary

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This was important. These guys didn’t have to be there for us, and they were.
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