Five reasons Elizabeth Warren might run in 2016

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Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not a candidate in 2016. Here are five reasons she could change her mind.
Imperial Storm Troopers guarding a bank in Portland.

The violence of the State & the crime of peaceful protest

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So much of our analysis of the State ignores its violence. Chris Hedges has more.
Your grandchildren's East Coast of the United States

Neoliberalism, “just deserts” and the post–climate crisis economy

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From “just deserts” neoliberalism to climate solutions, it’s one straight line. Read why.

A new Crimean War? Vladimir Putin, Peter the Great & the quest for a warm-water port

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In Crimea (Ukraine), Putin is protecting a Russian dream since Peter the Great: control of a warm-water port.
Will you settle for what they offer you? Class War Kitteh says, "Stand up for more." You have permission.

Are Dems who propose cuts to Social Security “stupid” or just doing risk-analysis?

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Why do Democrats persist in offering unpopular proposals? Are they stupid, or smart in a different way?
2004 Election results in Ukraine (source)

How to think about Ukraine & the offer of ties to the EU

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Did the West misplay its hand in the Ukraine crisis? Here are three more factors the media isn’t talking about.
FDR warns about today’s Republicans

“Liberalism doesn’t carry the critique of capitalism that progressivism does”

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Classic liberalism, neoliberalism, libertarianism, free market capitalism — it’s all the same. Read why.
Writer & analyst Marcy Wheeler

Roundtable on NSA spying, Fukushima latest & the climate solution

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Listen to my discussion with Marcy Wheeler and Jay Ackroyd.
Fukushima Reactor 4 after earthquake and tsunami severely damaged it

3 Fukushima reactor cores melted into earth during accident, still missing – 4th could explode

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Fukushima Reactor 4 still a potential disaster. Three other reactor cores melted into the earth. Action needed.
Goethals Bridge (image via flickr)

This week in privatization — they really do have a bridge to sell you

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Public-private partnerships are a way to get infrastructure out of public hands & under control of investors.

Blistering Cornel West on Obama’s war against the black prophetic tradition

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West: Obama is the ideological heir of Booker T. Washington, a black accommodationist, a shell of a man.
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