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The Democratic party has lost its soul: Clinton, Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

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A Clinton insider details how the Democratic party has lost its soul. I reflect on Netroots Nation.
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A plan to close Social Security field offices and outsource its work

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From a leaked SSA planning doc — they’re closing their field offices & outsourcing (but shh, don’t tell anyone).
The Clintons, via stocklight / Shutterstock

Seven things about the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton

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is Hillary Clinton really inevitable? If so, can she win? Seven reasons to give the latter a second thought.
Marchers take part in the Forward on Climate rally on February 17, 2013 in Washington DC, the largest climate rally in U.S. history. Rena Schild /

Alan Grayson: Keystone Pipeline gives China energy independence, and us next to nothing

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Who benefits from Keystone Pipeline? The Chinese, Kochs, and their American enablers. The rest of us, not so much.
Will you settle for what they offer you? Class War Kitteh says, "Stand up for more." You have permission.

Are Dems who propose cuts to Social Security “stupid” or just doing risk-analysis?

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Why do Democrats persist in offering unpopular proposals? Are they stupid, or smart in a different way?
Protester during Obama’s “I can’t close Guantánamo” speech: “You are commander-in-chief”

Why is the ACA (Obamacare) so complicated?

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The only customers that Obama, Messina and Baucus listened to were doctors, hospitals and drug companies.
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This week in privatization — they really do have a bridge to sell you

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Public-private partnerships are a way to get infrastructure out of public hands & under control of investors.

Blistering Cornel West on Obama’s war against the black prophetic tradition

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West: Obama is the ideological heir of Booker T. Washington, a black accommodationist, a shell of a man.
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One way to blackmail progressives in office — put a hostage in the bill

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Neoliberals love offering hostage-filled choices. Progressive are prone to say No. Grayson on hostages in bills.
Newt’s SuperPAC launches another video going after Romney titled “Blood Money”

Free trade and unrestricted capital flow: How billionaires get rich and destroy the rest of us

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“Free trade” is why they’re obscenely rich, we’re poorer by the day, and world economies regularly crash.

List of House “Progressive Caucus” members who voted against fiscal cliff deal

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These are your actual progressive heroes. You can count them without using your toes.
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