Third GOP debate, screenshot via YouTube

RNC, citing CNBC’s “bad faith” debate, suspends ties to NBC for future debates

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Blaming the refs really presidential, guys.
President Obama in the situation room discussing the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, via The US Embassy - New Zealand / Flickr

NBC corroborates central claim in alternative bin Laden raid story

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NBC corroborates the claim that Osama bin Laden’s location came from a walk-in informant.

Bill O’Reilly’s war “memory” is worse than Brian Williams’s

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Earlier this month, following reports that Brian Williams exaggerated stories about his time covering the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina, Bill O’Reilly went to town: O’Reilly ...
Corruption via Shutterstock

(Updated) Top Obama antitrust officials tied to Time-Warner-merger-seeking Comcast

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Top Obama antitrust officials involved in approving the Comcast merger deal with Time Warner have ties to Comcast.
Johnny Weir, Photo Works /

NBC Olympic commentator Weir’s “Russian consulate” client was “a typo”

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Johnny Weir’s agent says her client’s claim that he “works” with “the Russian consulate in NYC” is a simple typo.
johnny weir

NBC fails to disclose Olympic commentator Weir works for Russian govt.

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NBC Olympics commentator, and Russian apologist, Johnny Weir appears to have an undisclosed conflict of interest.

JFK assassination original breaking news reports from NBC, ABC, CBS

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Interesting that the TV networks kept reporting the unconfirmed news that President Kennedy had died.

Asante Samuel, please stop flaunting your heterosexuality

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You don’t have to show it and flaunt it like that, Asante. You know what I’m saying, we have kids out here too.
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