NBA moves All-Star Game from Charlotte NC due to anti-LGBT law

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The NBA’s decision could cost North Carolina $100 million.

Roy Hibbert’s closeted apology for “no homo” slur isn’t enough

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When you slur gay people, and your apology fails to even mention gay people, it’s not a real apology.

NFL player Asante Samuel wishes Jason Collins wouldn’t “flaunt” his sexuality

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Bonus clip: Jon Stewart weighs in on Collins’ coming out as well.

Obama riffs on Jason Collins coming out as gay

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While leaving today’s press conference, Obama pivoted and came back to the podium to talk about Jason Collins.

ESPN sportscaster very upset that NBA’s Jason Collins is a gay sinner

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ESPN’s Chris Broussard is upset to hear the news that the NBA’s Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards is gay.

Jason Collins becomes 1st openly-gay athlete in major American sports

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“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay,” says Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards.
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