Rush Limbaugh, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Rush Limbaugh: NASA probably made up water on Mars to promote liberal agenda on Earth

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Leave it to Rush Limbaugh to look at science and say, “Nah, must be a liberal conspiracy.”

NASA got some great photos of the Blood Moon

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Last night’s total lunar eclipse in North and South America turned the moon blood red, and NASA got some images.
Pad 39a flame trench, via NASA. Unicorns via Shutterstock.

Science Sunday Roundup and Open Thread

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Lots of fun NASA news this week, along with clever chimps and stone babies.
Typhoon Haiyan (© 2013 JMA/EUMETSAT)

Haiyan, possibly strongest typhoon ever, hits Philippines, 200 mph, amazing satellite images

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CNN reports that the wind gusts are bigger than Katrina and Sandy combined, climate change played a role.

The Breathing Earth (cool NASA photos, animated)

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Some neat animated gifs of the earth cycling through the year, making it look as if the planet is breathing.

Space Science Sunday – an open thread (with video)

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Including amazing video of a reusable rocket that launches and then can land standing straight up.

Frog caught flying on cam in middle of NASA rocket launch in bizarre photo

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An odd photo from NASA today of a frog flying in mid-air during a rocket launch in Virginia. It’s confirmed.

When you cry in outer space, it makes a big mess (video)

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows what happens when you cry in a zero-gravity environment.

A bubble within a droplet within a bubble within a droplet in outer space

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Cool NASA video demonstrates the science of anti-bubbles inside the gravity-free International Space Station.

Volcanic eruption viewed from Int’l. Space Station

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The video is so cool it looks fake.
Dr. Sally Ride, the US' first woman astronaut.
Alan C. Heison /

Religious right attacks astronaut Sally Ride for being a lesbian

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Hate group promoted by lead religious right organizations blames Ride’s death on being gay.
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