Stephen Fry tells quack who “cures” gays: “You could easily pass as a gay man” (video)

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Fry tells Nicolosi, lead “I can cure gays” quack: “You’re very well groomed. You could easily pass as a gay man.”

The day Richard came out to his dad, an expert on “curing” gays

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Richard Socarides tells the story of coming out to his dad, a man who pioneered the fake science of curing gays.
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Wacky group that “cures” gays loses tax-exempt status

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I’ve assembled some of the best videos from the Daily Show, Colbert, and CNN on these morons.
"I can't cure you!" (photo by Shutterstock)

Religious right to sue CA over “pray away the gay” ban

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CNN rightfully called out these bigots who claim they can “cure” gays. (And if it’s a “choice,” why does it need a cure?)
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