Source: Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Facebook.

Uproar after Pakistani hospital lets trans gunshot victim die

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Alisha, a trans activist, was reportedly shot 8 times at point-blank range. The hospital staff mocked her.
Jessica Dutro

Mom gets life for beating 3 y.o. son to death, thought he was gay

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The boy suffered five broken ribs, then received the fatal blow to his stomach that ripped his intestines.
Thamsanqa Jantjie

Mandela funeral fake sign interpreter accused of burning 2 men to death

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Thamsanqa Jantjie allegedly part of mob that necklaced 2 men who stole TV in 2003. Was mentally unfit for trial.

Zimmerman not guilty in Trayvon Martin killing

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I walk you through a bit of Florida law as it applied to this case, and why the jury likely ruled this way.

In Texas, you can shoot a prostitute for $150

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There is a Texas law that permits you to use deadly force to recover property that’s taken at night, so he did.

Kai, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who stopped 300 pound wannabe-Jesus, arrested for murder

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Police say they’ve also found a string of unsolved homicides that parallel Kai’s travels. It’s a weird story.

Karl Rove heckled as “terrorist!”, “war criminal!” during college speech

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Former Bush official Karl Rove’s speech at the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst was repeatedly interrupted.

I had to brutally murder the black gay guy because he hit on me

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Oh the number of men who would be dead today if they were beaten to death every time they hit on a woman.

Cristian Fernandez, 14, reaches plea deal in killing of 2 y.o. brother

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Cristian Fernandez will be sentenced as a minor, and remain in a juvenile facility until he’s 19.
justice antonin scalia

Scalia equates being gay with murder

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Scalia once famously complained that if sodomy is legal, then states couldn’t regulate masturbation either.
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