Jon Stewart on Kansas bill to let parents hit kids harder

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Missouri citizen: “Evolution, it’s not taught in the bible, it shouldn’t be taught in the class.”

Hospital contradicts own statement to police about arrest of gay man from partner’s bed

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New hospital statement contradicts police report, earlier hospital statements.
Roger Gorley Allen

Exclusive interview with daughter of gay man handcuffed, dragged from husband’s hospital bed

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Daughter says hospital singled out her father, and security assumed her father had AIDS because he was gay.

Gay man handcuffed, forcibly removed from partner’s bedside at Missouri hospital

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Research Medical Center in Missouri allegedly refused to verify that men had signed medical power of attorney.
Mike Leara

Missouri GOP wants to make it a felony to propose gun control laws

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The best way to insure that Hitler doesn’t take over America is to start jailing your political opponents.
Rick Brattin via Mother Jones

Missouri GOP now pushing the legitimate rape of science

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MO GOPer Rick Brattin wants to force college kids to learn about the “faith-based… destiny of the universe.”
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