Nancy Pelosi

Why Pelosi should be our next Speaker

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Today’s big top in the UnPresidented Podcast is Nancy Pelosi and the race for Speaker of the House. We also discuss the ongoing Mississippi Senate race; Donald Trump not even ...

A bad day for the Confederate flag

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It’s getting harder and harder to defend the culture — past and present — that the Confederate flag represents.
vote fraud

Voter ID laws just decided an election in Mississippi

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I shouldn’t have to restate how mind-numbingly backwards, racist and misdirected voter photo ID laws are.

Some scary videos of the tornados in Arkansas, Mississippi

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It’s hard to find original video, since everyone on YouTube just steals everyone else’s video, but I think I did.

Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia top list of gay-porn watching states

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Of the top 10 gay-porn-watching states, 5 are in the South.
america state rankings health gonorrhea obesity worst

What is your state worst at? (neat map)

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Is it “gonorrhea” (Mississippi), or “obesity” (Alabama), or “porn usage” (Utah)?

Daily Shows looks for anti-gay bigots in MS, AL and doesn’t find any

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Actually it’s an interesting segment. Though I suspect it underplays the problem a wee bit.

Working moms make dumb kids, says GOP Mississippi governor

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There’s a reason focus groups think the GOP is “out of touch,” “hateful,” and “old.” Because it is.

Mississippi defends its right to be fattest state

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Obese of Mississippi unite! You have nothing to lose but your lives.

I had to brutally murder the black gay guy because he hit on me

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Oh the number of men who would be dead today if they were beaten to death every time they hit on a woman.

Mississippi bigots freak out over local paper’s coverage of 1st gay wedding in county

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Apparently, the paper failed to report that the brides had horns and spewed green slime.

Racist Ole Miss students riot over Obama win

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Racist University of Mississippi students shouted racial epithets, burned Obama signs, as police swarmed.
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