Slow-motion ice tsunami (video)

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Some amazing footage of ice from a lake slowly breaking into some homes.

Minnesota to become 12th state to legalize gay marriage

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Same-sex marriages in Minnesota will become effective August 1.

Needle ice. Who knew?

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A cool video of “needle ice,” from Medicine Lake in Minnesota. From wikipedia: Needle ice is a phenomenon that occurs when the temperature of the soil is above 0 °C (32 ...

Hilarious kid steals show at dad’s gay marriage press conference (video)

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3 y.o. Emmett grabs dad’s throat, rolls truck over his face, grabs mic, says: “I want daddy to stop talking.”

Wonderful video of the moment gays won in Minnesota last Tuesday

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A tear-jerking look at the moment we beat a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota.
Chad Griffin

Gays win marriage in WA State too! HRC’s Chad Griffin on LGBT landslide.

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HRC’s Griffin: “LGBT equality won a landslide victory… nothing short of a pro-equality mandate.”

Straight singer/songwriter Brendan James’ music video for gay marriage

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It’s so inspiring to see gestures like this from straight allies.
Catholic church top funder of anti-gay bigotry

Knights of Columbus financing gay marriage bans in four states

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New report shows Catholic church and Knights of Columbus are huge contributors to gay marriage bans in US.
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