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Senate cooks go on strike, highlighting issues with privatized public services

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America gets the government it (doesn’t) pay for.
Minimum wage strike, via

Study quantifies how much welfare spending goes to subsidizing low wages

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What could America do with an extra $153 billion dollars?
Dinnertime at St Pancras Workhouse, London.

Democrats need to think bigger on economic inequality

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We have an economic system designed to protect and perpetuate the concentration of wealth at the highest bracket.
How people think income is distributed vs. how it's really distributed

Five reasons to consider a Basic Guaranteed Income for all Americans

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They offer a Guaranteed Basic Income in Alaska. Why not in the lower 48 states?
Unidentified participants taking part to the second gay pride march through the city of Thessaloniki on June 15, 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Portokalis /

Boehner says no to ENDA, so where’s the executive order Mr. President?

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Now that Obama will do an executive order on minimum wage, there’s no excuse not to do one on gay civil rights.
ENDA, via HRC.

Obama to mandate minimum wage increase for govt contractors, but not ENDA?

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Gays have been pressing Obama to mandate that federal contractors provide job protections for gay/trans workers.
Salvation Army Central Territory has the national statement.

Obama could raise minimum wage for federal contract workers today (if he wanted to)

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Do the Robert Rubins want higher minimum wages? Does Obama? He could raise millions of wages by executive order.
minimum wage_THUMB

Support today’s fast-food workers strike: Join a lunchtime rally near you

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Workers at American fast-food restaurants will be striking today for higher pay and better working conditions.

John Oliver on fast-food workers striking, and Fox’s absurd coverage (video)

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John Oliver really rips into Fox News for its absurd coverage of the minimum wage debate.

Stephen Colbert on McDonald’s and the minimum wage

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“It doesn’t matter how little you are paid, if you’re poor, it’s your fault.”
PEW budget tax increase spending cuts

19% of public agrees with GOP that tax increases should be off the table

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New poll from PEW looks at immigration, gun control, climate change & minimum wage. It’s generally good news.
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