Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu, via Wikimedia Commons

Clinton plants flag to Trump’s right on Israel

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“Neutral” is, relatively speaking, the liberal position on Israel/Palestine. Clinton just rejected it.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump buries one good point in a series of stereotypes at the Republican Jewish Coalition

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He clearly doesn’t know anything about the Israel/Palestine conflict, but he does know how negotiations work.
Eiffel Tower, via Wikimedia commons

So what now?

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The Islamic State is trying to provoke us. Don’t prove them right.
Benjamin Netanyahu and John Boehner, via Creative Commons

Who is responsible for the collapse of the two-state solution?

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One would think that peace would be possible, if only a few dishonest brokers weren’t standing in the way.

Israel, academic freedom, and my alma mater

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Steven Salaita lost his job at the University of Illinois after posting over-the-top tweets critical of Israel.
Israeli flag

If you want peace in Israel, evict God

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In Israel, what began as a secular idea seems to have been co-opted by religious dogmatism.
Aerial bombing explosion in Gaza Strip during Cast Lead operation on January 14 2009. It was a three-week armed conflict in the Gaza Strip during the winter of 2008-2009. ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com

Parental angst and the Invasion of Gaza

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How nearly losing her 14 y.o. daughter at O’Hare made this mom think about the mothers in Gaza.

GOP publication: Blood Moon is God’s warning to Obama

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Apparently, because the Blood Moon happened during Passover it means God is PO’d.
11 year old Yemeni girl Nada Al Ahdal, who ran away rather than be married off to her uncle.

Iraq wants to lower marriage age to 9, legalize marital rape, ban women from leaving home

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Iraqi Minister of Planning Ali Shukri: “Iraq is the number one country in the world in marriages of young girls.”

“Why does #GayGestapo never complain about the hateful repression of women by Muslims?”

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Upset about their Mozilla loss, GOPers are now (falsely) claiming that the left ignores women in the Arab world.
White phosphorus over Gaza

Reflections on capitalism: Who are the Unpeople of the world?

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To whites, the poor and darker skinned are Unpeople. To the major capitalists, the circle is a whole lot larger.
Syria via Shutterestock

Are progressives anti-war?

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Is it wrong for progressives to “fan the flames of war” against Syria? What is the progressive position on war?
Julian Assange (photo by Espen Moe)

TIME reporter jokingly calls for Assange’s murder by drone

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Bad joke or not, drone warfare has created more problems for the US than it has solved.
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