Jerry Falwell’s pool boy

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In today’s episode, we discuss the breaking that Trump didn’t pay taxes for 8 of 10 years during the 1980s and 90s, after losing more than a billion dollars. But the real ...

Michael Cohen speaks, guest Greg Sargent of the Wash Post weighs in

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The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent discusses Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress, Trump’s botched summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and Greg’s ...

Paris Dennard is burning

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Sycophantic Trump supporter, Paris Dennard, was fired from Arizona State University four years ago after multiple female coworkers accused him of some pretty egregious sexual harassment, ...

Trump’s crazy-ass deplorable Nazi fascist base

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss Michael Cohen’s plea deal, and we dig deeper into Trump’s growing mania over the past few weeks — certainly caused ...

I plead inHannity, your honor

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In today’s UnPresidented podcast Cliff and I share a collective howl over the revelation that Fox News’ Sean Hannity is Trump-lawyer Michael Cohen’s secret third client; ...

Hey Donald, urine trouble

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In today’s premium podcast episode, Cliff and I talk about the Comey book, and all of the accompanying scandals that fed into it this week, including the FBI raid on Trump’s ...
Megyn Kelly

Trump campaign was warned Megyn Kelly was facing death threats, “didn’t much care”

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Trump campaign was told Megyn Kelly was getting death threats, asked to tone down attacks on her — didn’t care.
Michael Cohen Trump says who

Great parody of the now-infamous “Says who?” CNN interview

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Parody of the now-infamous CNN interview in which Trump lawyer Michael Cohen keeps asking “Says who?”
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Trump’s lawyer pwn3d by CNN host

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Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was just on CNN with political correspondent Brianna Keilar, and she pwn3d him.
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