How can we afford not to focus on health care?  We can’t.

(Updated) Obamacare insurance exchanges may not be good deal for young and healthy

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Eskow: “Deciding against a plan that requires you to pay $10–$15,000 out of pocket is a rational act.”
Source: 2012 Comparative Price Report by the International Federation of Health Plans. The average prices shown for colonoscopies do not include added fees for sedation by an anesthesiologist, a practice common in the United States, but unusual in the rest of the world. The additional charges can increase the cost significantly.

Colonoscopies explain why US leads world in health care expenses

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On many health care expenses, the difference in cost between the U.S. and the developed world is a factor of 10.

The doctors at the Boston Marathon bombing were woefully unprepared for the carnage

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A fascinating article by Dr. Sushrut Jangi, who was working at the medical tent at the Boston Marathon.
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