Jared Kushner, photo by Lori Berkowitz Photography

Magazine owner Jared Kushner doesn’t understand a free press

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Donald Trump’s son-in law, and putative secretary of state, vice president, and First Lady Jared Kushner doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a free press. It’s ...

Fox News thinks democracy and truth are anti-Trump. And I suppose they are.

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Fox News is apoplectic this morning over the fact that American newspapers have adopted words like “democracy” and “truth” as part of their new slogans. You ...
Brett stephens Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal editor endorses boycott of Trump White House over media censorship

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On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, Bret Stephens, the deputy editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal, suggested that the media should boycott the Trump White House ...

Trump refusing to attend Correspondents Dinner because media “egged the White House”

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White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos today that Donald Trump canceled his appearance at the upcoming White House Correspondents Dinner ...
trump media terror attacks

White House says media didn’t cover Bataclan, Nice, Brussels, San Bernardino attacks

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Donald Trump blasted the media today for not covering the Paris, Nice, Brussels and San Bernardino terror attacks.

It’s safe to turn on CNN again — Trump boycotts network

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Hallelujah. CNN is safe again. No more Jeffrey Lord. No more Kayleigh. (At least, if there’s a God, they’re gone — let’s pray Trump included them in the ban.) ...
sam and cj on west wing

Trump is getting policy ideas from the TV show “West Wing”

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Trump’s latest idea to evict the White House press corps from the White House came from the TV show “West Wing.”
Donald Trump

The media has dropped the ball on covering the election

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When is the last time you heard the media report on any of Hillary’s policy proposals? That’s right, you haven’t.

Salon and the demise of quality media

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Salon, like the rest of media, is desperately trying to become profitable. And ruining their brand in the process.

Bernie Sanders says he ran as a Democrat in order to get the media to cover him. Good.

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Our majoritarian system led Sanders to run in the Democratic primary, where he stumbled on voters just like him.

Obamacare didn’t give us Trump. TV did.

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The road to Trump was paved long ago.

The really dangerous thing about a President Trump

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Rubio and Cruz have more dangerous policies. Trump is a more dangerous person.

Donald Trump’s “toothpaste politics”

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Trump lies faster than the media, and his opponents, can keep up.
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