Study: Fox News viewers are awfully conservative, even for Republicans

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As I’ve said before, skewed news based on skewed polls can lead to skewed election results and scr*wed candidates.
Rupert Murdoch via Shutterstock

Murdoch: Fox News “saved” GOP

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MSNBC admits to being progressive. Fox does not admit to being conservative.
Former RT host and correspondent Liz Wahl quit the Kremlin propagand network after realizing she couldn't live with herself.

Former RT host Liz Wahl talks Russian propaganda to Stephen Colbert

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Colbert shows clips of the various anti-American conspiracy theories that RT has been happy to air.
gay hate group

NPR whitewashes past of anti-gay Holocaust-revisionist hate group leader

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Scott Lively, who claims gays were behind the Holocaust, was simply called an “Evangelical leader.”

Fox News “forgets” to report on historic Supreme Court DOMA decision

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Fox News was busy reporting on the Aaron Hernandez arrest and couldn’t be bothered to interrupt.

Is the media coverage of gay marriage fair?

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My panel discussion on CNN this morning about whether the media is treating the gay marriage issue fairly.
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