Bernie Sanders, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Bernie Sanders says he ran as a Democrat in order to get the media to cover him. Good.

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Our majoritarian system led Sanders to run in the Democratic primary, where he stumbled on voters just like him.

Obamacare didn’t give us Trump. TV did.

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The road to Trump was paved long ago.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

The really dangerous thing about a President Trump

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Rubio and Cruz have more dangerous policies. Trump is a more dangerous person.
Donald Trump, screenshot via 60 Minutes

Donald Trump’s “toothpaste politics”

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Trump lies faster than the media, and his opponents, can keep up.
Melissa Click, screenshot via YouTube

The media are not always an activist’s friend

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Activists have always had conflicts with media.
Fred Friendly, via Wikimedia Commons

Where is Fred Friendly, now that we really need him?

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What 2015’s class of political reporters could learn from Edward Murrow’s colleague.
Black Lives Matter, via Creative Commons

Calls for calm in Baltimore ignore the language of the unheard

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Our politicians and pundits are appropriating the rhetoric of peace to preserve their sordid status quo.
Photo by ©John Aravosis.

US Senate revokes press credential of SCOTUSblog because, old men

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SCOTUSblog is owned by a law firm that argues before the Supreme Court on behalf of its clients.

AP, Reuters tell reporters to keep stories under 500 words

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Does size really matter for an increasingly online, and mobile, audience?
Social media buttons via Shutterstock

No one cares about the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

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And that’s a problem.
Privacy via Shutterstock

Safe Surf: As Russia cracks down on bloggers, a primer on how to surf more safely

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As Russia cracks down on bloggers (and the media), let’s have a chat about how to more safely surf the Web.

Russians say renegade TV host is “misled,” try to ship her off to Crimea

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RT issued a statement saying correspondent Abby Martin was “misled by American mainstream media.”
bank failures

3 deaths and a missing reporter – all with ties to finance and Wall Street investigations

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All of the finance firms they worked for are under investigation for serious financial fraud.
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