Russians say renegade TV host is “misled,” try to ship her off to Crimea

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RT issued a statement saying correspondent Abby Martin was “misled by American mainstream media.”
bank failures

3 deaths and a missing reporter – all with ties to finance and Wall Street investigations

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All of the finance firms they worked for are under investigation for serious financial fraud.

LOL live-tweets from reporters on the disaster greeting them in Sochi

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“My Sochi water doesn’t work unless I have my keycard in to turn the lights on.”
NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland

Obama helped cause the NSA leaks by refusing reforms

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Snowden considered leaking NSA docs but held off, hoping Obama would reform the system. His optimism didn’t last.
Boredom via Shutterstock

When “saying it first” becomes more important than “getting it right”

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A discussion of the perils of online journalism.

Jon Stewart is unhappy with cable news’ coverage of the DC Navy Yard shooting (video)

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I disagree. A comparison of the Trayvon Martin story to the death of Glee star Corey Monteith is illustrative.
Joel Silberman

Joel Silberman, ace progressive media trainer

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Interview with Joel Silberman, actor & singer, who has media-trained the best that our side has to offer.
Amazon's Jeff Bezos (photo by Steve Jurvetson)

Amazon’s Bezos buys Washington Post, better he than Koch

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I’m still trying to figure out where the good comes from when traditional media dies.

Programming note: Gaius & Dave Johnson on Virtually Speaking Sundays tonight

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Listen to this week’s news on an alternative to the Sunday talk shows tonight at 9pm ET.

11 seconds of brutal honestly about the Royal Baby, from the BBC (video)

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BBC: “Plenty more to come from here. Of course, none of it news… but that won’t stop us.”
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