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Study quantifies how much welfare spending goes to subsidizing low wages

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What could America do with an extra $153 billion dollars?

My favorite Winter Olympic sport is “Synchronized Gay-Bashing” – what’s yours?

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McDonald’s has asked us to tweet our favorite Winter Olympic sport. So let’s oblige them.
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Support today’s fast-food workers strike: Join a lunchtime rally near you

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Workers at American fast-food restaurants will be striking today for higher pay and better working conditions.
Russian police detain a gay rights activist during an attempt to hold the unauthorized gay pride parade on May 28, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. kojoku / - Coke logo added.

Russian gays should sport Coke, McDonald’s and Visa logos while being arrested

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Coke is it, and Visa is everywhere you want to be arrested.

Assorted news I didn’t get to yesterday…

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Two straight kids in London have a romantic dinner at a McDonald’s (it’s cooler than it sounds).
Make it stop!

Sochi Olympics to IOC: Make the mean gays stop!

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The Sochi Winter Olympics chief is worried that the gays are scaring away the audience and corporate sponsors.

Coke, Visa, McDonald’s blasted for sponsoring “officially anti-gay Olympics”

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Coke, Visa and McDonald’s are complicit in Russia’s de facto declaration that gay Olympians are terrorists.

John Oliver on fast-food workers striking, and Fox’s absurd coverage (video)

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John Oliver really rips into Fox News for its absurd coverage of the minimum wage debate.

Stephen Colbert on McDonald’s and the minimum wage

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“It doesn’t matter how little you are paid, if you’re poor, it’s your fault.”
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McDonald’s is now “healthy”?

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McDonald’s is including egg whites and other healthier options to its menu. But it still has troubles.

Cop shot dead right after buying cookies for kid he didn’t even know (video)

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It’s a story from two years ago, but still terribly touching, and inspiring.
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Wife drops gun at McDonald’s, accidentally shoots husband

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Guns in schools. What could possibly go wrong?
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