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Mass shootings really are a bad way to frame the gun violence debate

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Gun violence is an everyday public health issue.
Prayer, via Wikimedia Commons

The First Amendment, by definition, doesn’t need your prayers

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Criticism of prayer isn’t a violation of your religious or speech rights. It’s an exercise of them.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Jeb on mass shootings (and economic inequality, and institutional racism, and climate change): “stuff happens”

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For Jeb Bush, “stuff happens” isn’t a gaffe, it’s a platform.
Rick Perry, via AddictingInfo

Why are you praying over this shooting tragedy?

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Prayer in the face of tragedies like this is natural. It is also problematic.
kid with gun

Dad threatens to “spill blood” over way kindergarteners say Pledge

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“He thought he heard the word ‘liberty’ removed.” (The kids were 4-6, they probably missed a lot of words.)
Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Joe Scarborough on gun control

Scarborough’s amazing transformation from gun advocate to gun opponent

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Uber-conservative Scarborough’s epiphany is a useful lesson for taking on America’s gun-nut culture of violence.
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