Bobby Jindal and Ben Carson compete to see who can say the worst thing about the Oregon shooting

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The problem isn’t access to guns or even mental health. It’s absent fathers and pansy victims.

GOP rel. rt. leader: Gay marriage caused Santa Barbara murder rampage

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FRC’s Ken Blackwell blamed the shooting rampage on “the attack on natural marriage and the family.”

Stephen Colbert on need for National Video Game registry to stop gun violence

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Stephen Colbert walks through the usual nonsense from Fox News following the Navy Yard shooting.

Jon Stewart on how Navy Yard shooter was f’g crazy but still bought a gun

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Navy Yard shooter was hearing voices from microwaves month before the shooting, but still was able to buy a gun.

Jon Stewart is unhappy with cable news’ coverage of the DC Navy Yard shooting (video)

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I disagree. A comparison of the Trayvon Martin story to the death of Glee star Corey Monteith is illustrative.
Boy with gun

Vigilante dad pretends he’s mass-murderer to test grade school security

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“He told them that he is a shooter and ‘you’re dead, and you’re dead.'”
walmart gun

Walmart refuses to meet VP Biden to talk guns

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Walmart, the nation’s largest gunseller, claimed a “scheduling conflict.” Tacky.

NRA Web site glorifies violent Hollywood movies after NRA chief criticizes violent Hollywood movies

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NRA chief called Hollywood violence “pornography,” but touts “Pulp Fiction” & “Reservoir Dogs” on NRA Web site.
The NRA's fallen and it can't get up

The NRA’s fallen and it can’t get up

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It was a truly disastrous weekend for the once-untouchable NRA.
NRA protest over Sandy Hook, Willard Hotel, Wayne LaPierre

NRA proposes armed guards in every school, protesters disrupt no-questions presser

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Code Pink did a great job disrupting the NRA’s press conference this morning about the Sandy Hook massacre.

Soledad O’Brien takes down himbo Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) over guns

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SOLEDAD: “Okay, I think, with all due respect, you’re not going to answer my question.”
concealed weapon

Pizza customer shoots other customer after “exchanging words,” cites “stand your ground” law

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It’s starting to look like concealed guns are causing more problems than they’re solving.
bullet proof girl's backpack featured image

Bulletproof backpack sales skyrocket

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If your child is shot 70 times, you can rest assured his backpack will survive the afterlife.
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