Stained glass church religion

Gay rights may come at the cost of religious freedom…if you redefine religious freedom

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Religious worries over religious liberty are really just Christian worries over their receding hegemony.
Scott Walker, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Scott Walker doesn’t “have an opinion” on whether being gay is a choice

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The nature of sexual orientation isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Scott Walker should know better.
Vincent Kidaha, screenshot via YouTube

5,000 Kenyans to help President Obama “understand” homosexuality by getting naked in the street

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Apparently no one has pointed out the obvious homoeroticism at the core of the protest to its organizer.
Rick Santorum via Shutterstock (Christopher Halloran /

Rick Santorum wonders aloud when Supreme Court became an authority on the Constitution

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Quite a long time ago, as a matter of fact.
Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Marco Rubio waves white flag, shifts into self-contradictory position on marriage

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He’d rather talk about turning college students into indentured servants.
Catholic facepalm via Shutterstock

Catholic school fires longtime teacher after parents find out she’s in a same-sex marriage

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The school has received public funding, likely voiding a religious exemption in the local anti-discrimination law.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Watch this Kentucky county clerk illegally deny same-sex couple a marriage license

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Massive resistance on a county-by-county scale.
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Kansas finally confirms it will let same-sex couples marry…but not file their taxes together

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Bureaucratic foot-dragging from the last state to confirm it will begin issuing marriage licenses.
Depiction of the Sac and Fox Nation's Dance to the Berdache, celebrating the two-spirit person, via Wikimedia Commons

Same-sex marriage is still illegal for many Native Americans

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Support for repealing anti-marriage laws is building.
The Christian flag flying over the American flag, via WBTV

North Carolina pastor flies Christian flag above American flag, encourages others to do the same

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Flying any flag above the American flag is in violation of the Flag Code.
Senator Lee Bright, screenshot from YouTube

Ted Cruz’s South Carolina co-chair has epic anti-gay meltdown over Confederate flag

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Not even close to addressing the issue at hand.
Scott Walker, via Wikimedia Commons

Scott Walker dispatches wife and kids to soften anti-gay tone

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Having his anti-gay cake and eating it, too.
Rainbow Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas couple sues county clerk for refusing to issue marriage license

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They’re going to get married eventually. The only question is how inconvenient Texas wants to make it.
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