Cool real-time map of live air traffic, worldwide

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I give you FlightRadar24.com — real-time updates on the whereabouts, and movement, of aircraft around the world.

Another large quake – 7.8 – hits Chile

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The entire shoreline of Chile has been evacuated in the face of an expected tsunami warning.

UPDATE: Engine data, additional radar data, suggests Malaysia Air plane in air 4-5 hours

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If true, the plane could have traveled an additional 2,250 miles. See the red circle on the attached map.

Neat video map of WWII in Europe, day by day over the course of the war

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A cool idea, showing who controlled different parts of Europe, day by day, over the course of World War II.

Water fountain or bubbler? Lightning bug or firefly? Pop or soda? Take the linguistics test

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A cool series of dialect maps of the US, and even small towns, tracking how we say the same thing differently.

The marriage equality map: Who loves us, who hates us, who’s oh so tepid…

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Check out the # of Americans living in “gay marriage” states depending on various possible Sup. Ct. outcomes.

Cool interactive map shows every single American with a dot

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Each dot represents a person in the 2010 US census, and 2011 Canadian census. There are 341,817,095 dots.
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