Straight singer/songwriter Brendan James’ music video for gay marriage

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It’s so inspiring to see gestures like this from straight allies.
Maine gay marriage closing ad

Closing argument for Maine gay marriage advocates: Family values

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And the Bangor Daily News came out in favor of marriage equality.
gay marriage lesbian couples

Obama announces support for all four state gay marriage campaigns

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President Obama announces support for gay marriage campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota.

Dissecting the far right’s lies about gay marriage

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The religious right has launched a series of TV ads in Maine that are, of course, lies.
Catholic church top funder of anti-gay bigotry

Knights of Columbus financing gay marriage bans in four states

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New report shows Catholic church and Knights of Columbus are huge contributors to gay marriage bans in US.

Former Catholic Charities chair says anti-gays lying about marriage laws

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Former head of Catholic Charities-Boston steps up explains that the Vatican, not marriage equality, ended adoption services.

A letter from my mom on marriage equality and her children

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My mom on marriage equality, her children, and why she’s voting ‘Yes’ on One in Maine to legalize gay marriage.

What marriage equality means to an 80-year-old in Maine

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Bruni writes in today’s New York Times about Chuck Bennett, an 80-year-old in Maine, and the Maine marriage ca

Marriage equality is a gateway to socialism?

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The opposition to marriage equality in Maine now claims that gay marriage will lead to socialism.

Lovely marriage equality video from Maine

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Counting down the days left to support marriage equality in four key states: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Maine firefighters do ad for marriage equality

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Four firefighters – three who are straight and one who is gay – speak out for marriage equality in Maine.
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