President Obama votes for himself in 2012, via Wikimedia Commons

Big wins for democracy in Seattle, Maine and Ohio ballot initiatives

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Losing on HERO stings, but these wins are our silver lining.
Paul LePage, via Wikimedia Commons

Ranked Choice Voting to appear on Maine ballot in 2016, pending petition certification

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Only two governors in Maine have been elected with more than 50 percent of the vote since 1974.
Paul LePage, via Wikimedia Commons

Everyone not named Paul LePage insisting 70 bills Maine’s governor forgot to veto are now law

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LePage has doubled down on a legally suspect strategy in order to prove a point.
doctor health care obamacare

Doctor in Maine stopped taking insurance, cut prices 50%

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Dr. Michael Ciampi no longer takes insurance, cut his prices drastically, and publishes them on the Web.
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Video from Maine as first gay couple gets married, crowd goes wild

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Gay couples have begun getting married in Portland, Maine at midnight Eastern time, Friday night.
Six or Eight Black men, Dutch Christmas

Maine GOP chair: “I play basketball every Sunday with a black guy”

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“When you see a lot of people who are black, like six or eight… people, you think, ‘Wow, where do they live?'”
black voter rally politics

Binders full of black voters terrorize GOP in Maine

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Nothing is more dangerous than a black man (or woman) with a vote.
Saturday Night LIve covers gay marriage in Maine

SNL covers gay marriage in Maine

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Saturday Night Live invites a “married gay couple” from Maine to help celebrate the marriage equality victory.
Chad Griffin

Gays win marriage in WA State too! HRC’s Chad Griffin on LGBT landslide.

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HRC’s Griffin: “LGBT equality won a landslide victory… nothing short of a pro-equality mandate.”
Marriage via Shutterstock

Gay marriage passes in Maine, Maryland (reportedly)

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First time marriage equality becomes law via the ballot box.

Straight singer/songwriter Brendan James’ music video for gay marriage

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It’s so inspiring to see gestures like this from straight allies.
Maine gay marriage closing ad

Closing argument for Maine gay marriage advocates: Family values

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And the Bangor Daily News came out in favor of marriage equality.
gay marriage lesbian couples

Obama announces support for all four state gay marriage campaigns

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President Obama announces support for gay marriage campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota.
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