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Trump visits Louisiana flood after Governor said “stay away” — risks disrupting disaster relief

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Trump swooped into flood-ridden Louisiana after governor asked politicians to stay away.
flooding video baton rouge louisiana

Incredible video of woman and dog being rescued from sinking car in Baton Rouge

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Absolutely incredible video of a woman and her dog being rescued from a sinking car in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Jason Dore

Louisiana GOP executive director: I used Ashley Madison for “opposition research”

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So THAT’S what they call it these days.
David Duke (credit: Emmanuel d'Aubignosc)

Did GOP’s Steve Scalise vote for KKK’s David Duke in 1991?

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Scalise’s vote is the simplest measuring stick we have as to whether it’s fair to associate him with David Duke.

This lady is proof why no one should ever vote Republican again (video)

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GOP candidate from Louisiana (where else?) says climate change is a hoax, and she’s a birther too.

Louisiana House retains ban on oral sex, straight and gay, even married

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It’s time to ask individual Louisiana politicians if they’ve ever given or received oral sex.
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Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia top list of gay-porn watching states

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Of the top 10 gay-porn-watching states, 5 are in the South.

Trans woman asks anti-gay bigot if he’d like to stone her (video)

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Pamela Raintree, a trans woman in Louisiana, got an anti-gay bigot politician to backdown by offering him a stone.
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Voucher school history book: Hippies didn’t bathe, worshipped Satan

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This is from an 8th Grade US History book being used by right-wing voucher schools in Louisiana.
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